Snowdon Walk

Walking up Snowdon

We travelled to Snowdonia to walk up Snowdon via the 'Pyg Track' - one of several routes up the Welsh mountain.

The 'PYG TRACK' route

Distance: 7 miles (return)
Total Climb: 723m (2,371 ft)
Time: Approx 6 hours (there and back)
Start and Finish: Pen y Pass Car Park (SH 647557 / LL55 4NY)
Map: Explorer OL17 Ordnance Survey
Parking: If Pen y Pass car park is full, you can park in Nant Peris (SH 607582 / LL55 4UF) and catch the Sherpa bus back up to Pen y Pass.

( Note:  Details of other routes up Snowdon can be found here..... )

Views along the magnificent Llanberis Pass near the start of the walk.

The route that the Pyg Track takes consists of short sections of smooth laid track with steep rocky inclines. In parts you need to scramble up large rocks looking out for footings but there are no places that have dangerous falls to either side.  The track maintains a steady incline up towards Snowdon with magnificent views across Snowdonia.  Here we are following the 'Pyg Track' with one of the other 'Miners Track' routes outlined below as it snakes around 'Llyn Llydaw' lake.

Snowdon stands at the middle of a large horseshoe shaped basin that contains lake 'Glaslyn' in the centre - the highest of the small lakes along the route from Pen-Y-Pass.  It is possible to traverse the mountains to either side of the 'Horseshoe' and ascend upto Snowdon - but these have very sharp ridges along their tops with severe 'cliff like' drops to either side - definitely not recommended for the inexperienced walker.  I took a long range photo from the 'Pyg Track' upwards of a few intrepid explorers attempting one of these ridge routes - mainly on all fours ! .

The image on the left clearly shows the higher 'Pyg Track' route as it snakes its way across the top left of the photo and the lower 'Miners Track' in the valley below.   The 'Miners Track' in the valley follows a gentle incline past the low lakes until it reaches the base of Snowdon itself - it then climbs very steeply up to meet the 'Pyg Track' around 1/2 way up the Snowdon peak.

After a long final and steep ascent the 'Pyg Track' meets the longer, more gentle walk up from Llanberis village.  The route follows alongside the rack and pinion mountain railway that starts in Llanberis and climbs all the way to the top of Snowdon.

The right image here shows a view from near the summit of the long route we had just traversed and shows the sheer scale of the ascent and region.

At the Top

As is often the case in Spring clouds just covered Snowdons summit during the last part of the ascent but there were still a few glimpses and opportunities to snap a few shots of lakes and valleys far below.

The Final Reward

Standing at the top Trig/viewing platform with a 360 degree vista overlooking valley's and lakes far below through gaps in the passing low clouds.

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