Montgomeryshire War Memorial walk

Montgomeryshire war memorial

Montgomeryshire War Memorial walk

A walk from Montgomery up to the Montgomeryshire County War Memorial on Town Hill that overlooks the surrounding area, giving commanding all round views

  • Going: Medium difficulty. Climbs steeply to a high local hilltop. Slippy in damp conditions.
  • Duration: 1.5 hour+ to include taking in the views.

Facing the Town Hall, walk around to its rear and head up the narrow road that climbs up past the Dragon Hotel.  It starts off quite steep then levels out a little as you progress. This narrow and steep lane is known locally as  ‘The Conduit’ – pronounced locally as ‘The Cundit’.  Before we knew its name we affectionately referred to it as ‘Fern Alley’ as it has a wide range of wonderful ferns growing on its damp banks.

At the top of the lane, you join the main Montgomery to Llandyssil road. Cross the road and directly ahead enter a 'Kissing Gate' with a sign indicating that it is the start of the war memorial path.

The path ahead climbs for a hundred metres or so then joins a larger farm track. Take this track and continue to climb upwards as you progress with trees and vegetation to both sides.

You will come to a gate and a stile and the view to the left will start to open up giving you magnificent views across to Corndon and the Shropshire hills.


'The Cundit'
Gate to war memorial path
Memorial walk view East

After a continuous climb you will approach a gap in the trees and see the war memorial slightly off to the right and in front of you. Go off the farm track and walk towards the memorial across the grassy field continuing to climb as you go.

You may be surrounded by curious, but gentle cattle - this is, of course, their territory as much as ours! The views out to the West will begin to present themselves and become a 360 degrees panoramic view as you approach the top.

There is a disc on the AA Viewpoint stone with direction lines indicating distant locations and landmarks.  To the West from here you can trace the Snowdonia Mountain range against the horizon and see Cader Idris on a clear day off in the distance.  To the North you can see across the Severn Valley to nearby Welshpool and Long Mountain.  To the North West you look down onto the 2 local lakes in Montgomery's nearby Lymore Park, another local short walk route.

To the East you can see the Shropshire Hills and the Long Mynd ranges.

Sunrises and sunsets from the war memorial are often quite spectacular.

Approaching the war memorial
Montgomeryshore war memorial cattle
Montgomeryshire war memorial sunset

It is possible to return to Montgomery by a long, circular route but this adds 1.5 - 2 miles to the walk. So when you have taken in the views simply return to Montgomery via the same way you ascended to the war memorial.

We hope that you have enjoyed this walk.  Why not check out our other local walks around Montgomery that include:


Montgomeryshire war memorial cow
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