Hints of Autumn at Montgomery Castle

Hints of Autumn at Montgomery Castle

Castle Autumn scene

I always feel pleasantly surprised when a grey morning turns into a glorious afternoon here in mid Wales. It shouldn't really be a surprise, because most days delight me with a moving display of light and shadow as the sun and clouds move across the sky. It was one of those days when I didn't think about taking a camera on my walk up to Montgomery Castle, and I wished I had. I did, however, have my mobile phone, and managed to get a reasonable representation of the subtle hints of Autumn that were showing.

In many ways, the castle is a timeless edifice, the same any time of year.  But the land around it changes with the seasons. The light falling on the stones fluctuates minute by minute with the passing clouds and according to the ever-changing angle of the sun. On this day, the drifting clouds were indeed altering the intensity of the light in dramatic style. Even in the early afternoon, the sun cast lengthening, angular shadows.

The approaching Autumn increasingly treats us to wonderful misty vistas, even in the middle of the day. Autumn veils the hills in the distance in delicate pastels, causing them to take on an air of mystique. Looking around, I could see trees here and there with thinning canopies. The ash trees were yellowing, and others were just beginning to turn all shades of brown.


Castle approach
Looking south from the castle
Looking West from Montgomery Castle
Looking East over the castle wall

I was also excited to find some mushrooms amongst the castle ruins. I'm hopeless at identifying them and usually rely on the ispot website to help me identify them.  Perhaps if I put some photos here, you can have a go yourself!

This one on the right was the biggest, about 4 cm across, and I think it had yellow gills. The others were mainly quite tiny, and I couldn't see much detail at all with the naked eye. I love the way a camera can capture details you'd normally not see without a magnifying glass!

Castle mushroom
Castle mushroom
Castle mushroom
Castle mushroom
Castle mushroom

Finally, I got some shots of the fallen leaves around the outskirts of the castle. Autumn is definitely on its way!

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Happy exploring! All the best, Anthea


Castle leaves
Castle fallen leaves
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  1. Great photos and yes, Montgomery is lovely in every season. At 5pm the sun was lighting up the castle as well as any son et lumiere !

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