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The Young Brides Dream


Words :   David Wilson

Watercolour :  Leonie Woodfield



The Young Brides Dream.


A Young guy one night got down on his knees

To beg his girlfriend to only please

Forever be his by accepting a ring

And agreeing to marry, perhaps next spring


"Oh Yes !" said the girl, adding to sentence end

"I thought you'd never ask..   and we'd just remain friends"

Albeit close friends..  with "added benefits" she winked

Then with a glass of wine each, the deed was sealed with a chink


I'll wear a rose dress, with the bridesmaids all pink

We'll have beer, wine and spirits for our guests all to drink

There’ll be meat veg and gravy, and lots of ice cream

And a large decorated cake depicting - a Montgomery Town scene


They dreamed of their cake both long and flat - quite a stunner

With St Nicholas Church, Monty bowling green, and border flowers of the summer

Featuring a Lymore blue pool with swans, ducks and Canada geese

With beaks wide open, squawking... and disturbing the peace


A cake, both wide and long with Offa’s dyke down one side

And lots of small lanes where, icing sugar depicted cyclists can ride

Plus Montgomery town's walks through beautiful farms, trees and fields

And medieval ditches, castle walls, defences, and heraldic shields


Containing Ordnance detail so accurate it could be passed off as a map without fail

Maybe used by a Welsh Rally drivers blind navigator..  when finger read as in Braille

Or  even  realistically snapped high against the weddings sun-setting sky

Then drooled over next day by that 'BBC's weather watch' guy


The happy couple thought long and hard, and came up with a plan

"We'll ask Emma Bailey Beech to create, bake and decorate us a cake with Elan"

While knowing all too well that a flattish cake is not to Emma’s particular style

They hoped that Emma could warm to the idea, and be won over in a while


Emma said "OK"..  but spotted a flaw in the 'Bride and Groom' to be's dream

There wasn't a table long, or wide enough to support such a scene

Plus  Adam, though wedding photographer excellent bar none

Could struggle with camera to focus simultaneously, both near and beyond


Emma studied their rough sketches of St Nicholas Church on the Hill

Then thought  "This is crazy !!.. the Castle needs be even higher still”

"The cake just can’t end up flat !!" she decided there and then

And set out to interpret the couples wish-list.. more as a starter for ten


With time running out Emma got busy and crafted away at a stint

On a vertical masterpiece with significantly smaller footprint

Incorporating all of their 'wished for' topographical detail and power

Finally ending up standing, on chair, balancing over...  a 2 metre high tower !


She added a mains power switch and a small fish tank pump

Powering a Lymore Blue pool, falling to aqua blue sugary sump

Fed from a high floating castle's ‘spring water well’ as it cascades down

Over outcrops of honeycomb, embossed shields, and a Kings stately crown


The big day finally arrived and the cake was ceremonially unveiled

Causing the somewhat surprised Bride and Groom to sharply inhale

As they took in the sight of the towering, magnificent cake

That had taken Emma almost a week and a half to create


Though Bride and Groom had envisioned a flattish cake with undulating topography

One that alas would have been hard to capture, even through Adams photography

Emma’s cunning 'Baldrick like plan' perfectly executed without fears

Had of course ( knowing Emma as we do ) led inexorably to it all....


Ending in TIERS !!!


( Written by David Wilson.. Cake watercolour image by Leonie Woodfield )

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