Large scale models

Handbuilt  Large scale Models - The Gillian Rogers collection

Cloette - 1920's Citroen cloverleaf

Cloette was built by Gillian Rogers in 1981, in memory of a beloved pet dog “Clover”. The model, about three feet long, was based on a 1920’s Citroen Cloverleaf, a three seater car. Gillian built it all except the radiator, and in the Eighties ‘Cloette’ appeared at dozens of shows and proved to be a magnet to children – raising £100s for animal charities. 

1935 Singer Le Mans

A 1:23 (1/4 size) replica of a 1935 Singer Le Mans that was owned, and driven by Gillian Rogers for 40 years. Gillian is a keen collector of model cars and her collection is on show at Cloverlands in Montgomery.
The museums exhibits are also being added to by other collectors on a regular basis.

Fiat Topolino - circa 1936

A replica of a late 1930’s Fiat Topolino that Gillians sister, Valerie, owned and drove.

Driving Through the Decades - Gillian Rogers.

Copies of Gillian Rogers book 'Driving through the decades' are available at the museum.   Gillian describes tales of her, and sister Valerie's, early 20th century adventures and travels in the life size versions of these cars alongside their many other motoring experiences.

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