Autumn at the Dingle Gardens, Welshpool – Fabulous Late October

Early morning visit to the dew-soaked Dingle Gardens - October 2015


The Dingle Gardens just outside Welshpool are just a short 7 miles car journey from Montgomery and are one of our favourite places to visit, relax and take in the atmosphere and beautiful scenery at any time of the year.

The promise of Autumn colour was anticipated this year and we made our way there early on a late October morning, driving through a low mist to arrive at the centre with our cameras fully charged and at the ready.

  Contact Details:  Frochas, Welshpool, Powys SY21 9JD
01938 552587


We like to select our camera's 'Macro' and 'Super Macro' modes to allow us to focus in on an object and reveal it's beauty, colour and detail.


Zooming out allows a visitor to appreciate the full array of wonderful planting around the Dingle gardens, carefully created over many years.


Scattered around the winding hillside pathways are lovely seating areas and follies where you can meander and take in the full beauty of the gardens and lake.


A particular favourite waterside feature are the Giant 'Gunnera' plants that tower above your head and have leaves that measure more than a metre across.  In autumn they also have fascinating bright red seed heads as large as footballs.


The highlight of your visit is to descend down the hillside walkways to emerge at the Dingle boating lake. A beautiful hidden location nestling amongst stunning trees, bushes, shrubs and waterside plants.


One of the nice things about a visit to the Dingle Gardens is that if you spot a tree, shrub or plant that you fancy owning for your own garden, you can buy it in the attached Garden Centre and Nursery on the premises where they stock a wide selection of plants and gardening accessories.


The Dingle gardens are a joy to view and to take photos in - both long sweeping shots and macro closeups - of colourful leaves, berries, flowers and fruits.  A meandering, steep descent down a sloping hillside through carefully planted walkways guide you through interesting foliage and  ground plants to the boating lake below.

Reg Turrell, a Dingle Gardens visitor on 11th November 2015, captured these wonderful photos of an adult Otter swimming in the Dingle lake.  

(Photos reproduced with kind permission of Dingle Gardens and Reg Turrell). 

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