A Physio’s Dream

Jan Lawrence – a physio’s dream Physiotherapist Jan Lawrence provided both an entertaining and educational demonstration for the Montgomery Flower Club in February 2016. Jan shared with us the aspects of physiotherapy that she was passionate about, including acupuncture. She kept us enthralled all the way through. The first of … Continue reading

Bunner’s hardware shop

Bunner’s hardware shop If you are visiting Montgomery on holiday, your visit would not be complete without a rummage around Bunner’s. Bunner’s hardware shop was established at the end of the 19th Century. It is, perhaps, their traditional values of providing great customer service, sharing in-depth knowledge about their goods, … Continue reading

The Dingle – a garden of contrasts

The Dingle – a garden of contrasts Planted in a steep, dramatic valley that sweeps down to the lakes brimming with fish, the Dingle garden near Welshpool gives delight at every step. A mid-May visit with my husband left us buzzing with ideas about the opportunities for practising photography skills, … Continue reading