A Physio’s Dream

Jan's daffodils in first design

Jan Lawrence - a physio's dream

Physiotherapist Jan Lawrence provided both an entertaining and educational demonstration for the Montgomery Flower Club in February 2016. Jan shared with us the aspects of physiotherapy that she was passionate about, including acupuncture. She kept us enthralled all the way through.

The first of the four displays involved how to look after your back, particularly when gardening. We learned, for example, about how the ‘discs’ between the vertebral bones became squashed and less resilient during a day’s work (and we get slightly shorter as a result). Jan built a beautiful composition in strong yellows and deep blues with a model of the spine as the centrepiece. We had a bonus takeaway – a printout of ten tips for looking after your back when gardening.

Spine floral arrangement
Acupuncture floral arrangement

Jan then moved on to tell us about acupuncture. Using a body model showing the acupuncture ‘meridians’, she explained how she used acupuncture to treat pain, especially back pain. The stars of her floral arrangement were three majestic Anthurium flower spikes.

The final two pieces were on the theme of sports injuries. The riding boot stimulated our imaginations with a spray of red carnations, while the fourth piece represented ice to calm the pain and bruising from injuries. We were all most impressed by Jan’s skill at pinning together the Aspidistra leaves to represent the ice crystal structure.

As Jan is a member of our club, and this was her first attempt at a public demonstration, we felt privileged to have such talent in our midst!

If you are interested in attending future demonstrations, please visit our information page.

'Ice pack' arrangement

'Ice pack' arrangement

Jan with sport injury themed designs

Jan with sport injury themed designs
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